OneDayOnly website woes on Black Friday


Black Friday is the one day in November that most consumers all over the world lose any trace of sensibility. They either go out to stores, or are online for most hours of the day in the aim of making a purchase, and finding “that great deal”. However with all the twists and turns that 2020 has thrown us due to COVID-19, e-commerce sites have taken more strain then previous years.

This year, in South Africa, a few online retailers experienced issues with their websites. However OneDayOnly, suffered more downtime compared to their competitors. Issues on their their mobile app, didn’t sit very nicely with customers either. Late on Friday night, the retailer posted on their social media platforms apologising for the issues.

Black Friday Fail
“We really suck. Every other day we offer some of the biggest deals in South Africa, but today we monumentally dropped the ball. Our site was down for a substantial portion of the day, and it’s very possible you had a poor shopping experience as a result.
We cannot apologise enough for this.
We set a high standard for ourselves, and in trying to achieve that today we fell considerably short. We intend to learn from this, take it in stride, and move forward to offer you a better, more well-rounded shopping platform going forward.
We can’t promise that everything will run perfectly from now on but our development team are working round the clock to make sure you have the best shopping experience. Please keep giving us your feedback, our customer service team are trying their best to respond to all your queries.”