Logo Design – Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional?

Logo Design
When it comes to creating a unique logo design for your business there are several things to consider with the most important being, should I design a logo myself or get the help of a professional? Well of course we’re biased and we believe it is always in your best interests to trust the professionals. There are a lot of online sites that you can use to generate a logo design for your business or you might have a friend who is a talented artist. However, there is much more to consider about your logo than just the visual look.

Your Logo Needs To Be Recognisable And Memorable

For your logo to be recognisable and memorable, it needs to be eye-catching but simple. It calls for creativity, skills and experience.

A good logo should use striking colours that prompt a reaction from clients. Have you considered what the colour scheme of your logo says to your clients? A good designer will be able to work with you and give you an understanding of colour theory. Colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. The most popular colour in logo design is blue; which signifies trustworthiness, dependability, security, integrity and calmness, so it’s easy to see why it’s a popular colour.

Your logo should be scalable, so it looks great when printed at a large size and also when it appears in low resolution on social media platforms. Will your logo look as good on Twitter and Facebook as it does on printed designs such as business cards or invoices? A good designer will produce various sizes of logos for you so it can be used across different social media platforms and on printed media. Many companies have started to use responsive design, meaning the logo design will look slightly different when viewed at different sizes. Designing a responsive logo should be left to the design experts or your brand could look messy and confused.

Your logo design gives your clients a first impression of your business and is vitally important. If you have a fantastic logo, you create a fantastic impression. Your logo should appear on pretty much everything your business deals with so it’s essential you have an eye-catching well thought out logo.

Logo Design