The 2019 SA top 10 trending Google searches

Google SA has announced the results of its 2019 search history. The annual list details the year’s top trends based on searches conducted in South Africa. Pop culture, politics and sport captured the nation’s attention. Not surprisingly, load shedding dominated both the top ten searches for 2019 and the past decade. Rugby World Cup topped the trending sports searches. The number 1 trending music personality was the late Johnny Clegg. The top 10 overall searches are: 1. Load shedding2. Election results3. Thanos4. IEC5. Fiona Viotti6. Black Friday Specials7. Gavin Watson8. Mark Batchelor9. Teacher’s Day10. Hoërskoel Driehoek Top trending searches of READ MORE

Business Website – Why You Need One

If you’re a business owner sitting on the fence about creating a website, we will save you some time. You need need one. You need website that is professionally designed, lead-catching, sales-increasing, and brand-differentiating. Here’s why: Consumer behavior changes over time to adapt to modern technology. Consumer behavior has also changed to adapt to the digital age. An example—the Yellow Pages. The telephone was a disruptive new technology in the late 1800s and changed the way consumers did business. As a result, more and more households began to use the telephone directory to find local products and services. For this READ MORE

Using Influencers In Digital Marketing

With the popularity of social media, more and more brands have been using influencers for digital marketing. Originally influencer marketing was celebrity endorsements, but the digital age has expanded it beyond celebrities. The idea behind influencers is that instead of spending time looking for ways to reach a larger audience, you hire these people to already have a large following with your target audience and hire them to get the word out for you. A single social media testimonial from the right influencer can expose your brand to thousands of people. With the right influencer, your SEO results can get READ MORE

Tips for Digital Marketing in November

November is the start of the holiday season when people realize they need to begin planning for the holidays. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping events of the year, where thousands of people gather to buy gifts for that one day when they are all on sale. You do not want to miss out on opportunities this holiday season, so here are some tips to get your planning. Promote gift ideas Everyone has that one person in their life that they just cannot figure out what gift to give. This is a huge marketing READ MORE